i am a bubble
at Your commanding hand
pretty colors, dancing ’round
rising where You land
no worries here
i have no fears
simply floating
lighter than air
higher still
anywhere You lead
fill me, Sir, until I burst
and You are proud of me
tiny fragments
colliding with air
shivering down
til unaware
raining eyes
in You, i dissappear


I forgot 

I forgot a rule. Now, just so you know, Im not a girl who purposefully “forgets” rules. I may be a sassy girl at times, and I actually enjoy that bit of my personality…but I do not fake break rules for attention. If I need attention, I simply purr and tell Sir what I’m feeling. I can be as specific as I like. He may have His own plans, but He always takes care of me in one way or another. I have no need to put on a show, or throw a fit, or act out. To be completely honest, it was not always this way. The beginning of anything can be rough waters to tread. Ds is no different, living this way 247 has ups and downs. We had a lot to learn, about ourselves and each other. I feel as if we’ve grown by leaps and bounds the last few years, though. There’s always more to learn, but I feel secure in what we have, more than ever before. Sorry to ramble….back to the point…

I forgot. I truly completely forgot one step in my bedtime routine. I was very sleepy (when am I not, though) and also a little tipsy. Those aren’t excuses, just stating the facts. I’m required to be inspection ready at all times and I have certain things I must do in order to be ready, and I missed one. As soon as I realized, I tried/begged to remedy the situation. However, t’was already too late. I confessed, (sort of) He already knew. I apologized for being forgetful. There was a brief punishment spanking, some crawling across the room for the remedy, and then also some corner time. *sad subby girl* 

**Im not 100% sure how I feel about the corner, but Im working that out in my head. But also, it doesn’t really matter how I feel about it. Its not a hard limit, or even a soft limit. So. If thats where He puts me, then thats where I’ll go. But maybe I like it….??**

In the corner, I had all the feels. Sad because I failed. Sad because I disappointed. Sad because I felt dumb for forgetting. Glad because He didn’t miss a beat to fix the situation. Glad because He held me to it. Glad because I feel loved and cared for when He follows through and corrects me. Sexy because He was staring at my warm, pinked bottom while I was standing there in the corner. Sexy because I felt on display. Sexy because I felt small. 
….And then also some bit mortified because in my tipsy state I bonked my head on the door frame. Giggly because what else is a girl to do when she makes a spazzy move whilst being watched?! Happy because Sir laughed as well (I think Sir has always enjoyed my awkward, clumsy-ness). It was pretty funny, in my tipsy memory. 

I would like to say that I will never forget that step again. But I am human, and as of late, a very tired and forgetful human. Im working on it though and I will try my best. Im sure I will mess up. But Im also sure He will be there to catch me when I fall, every time. 

Have a fabulous weekend!


A mood

I’ve been in a mood. More like, I have become a mood. Im tired. Just so fucking tired all the time. I can’t shake it. I can’t escape it. I’m burned out, and falling flat daily. 

Ya know what helps me when I’m being a mood? 

Any guesses? 

Hint: Its in my pants. 

So. I have an idea. I think, when Im being a mood, Sir could just tell me to go to our room. And that could be code for, well…you know, fixing my mood. In whatever manner He deems appropriate, of course. He already does this sometimes, I just think it should become the norm.

There. Im pretty sure I solved it. I’m perfectly okay with spending some time working on this. Whatcha think, Sir? 

Inspection connection

Inspections are a few times a week now. At first I was like…..nooooothankyouSir! In my sweetest most polite little voice. Well that didnt work, of course. But my apprehension has melted away…and though part of me still fights this close, deep, detailed look at my body, errhh uh, His body, I revel in His attention. His rules. His Dominance. I love that I’m not allowed to hide any part of my body from Him. It makes me feel, so goddamn sexy. I can’t even explain. Maybe this will help…

Early inspection was light, position just so, fingers running along my skin, checking all the places. Making sure things are exactly to His liking (more about the details and rules to come in a later post)

But now…more invasive. Fully exposed to Him. Cuffed, ankles and wrists…chained to the spreader. Arms pulled tightly between my legs. My face resting on our soft pillows. Ass up in the air. Similar to this…

Fingers tracing, my most intimate pieces. 
Slipping in, to check His pet. 

She likes” He murmers

I cringe a bit, this much exposure usually has me reeling, its too much…too close, too open. For a split second, my dumb brain slips in. I want to cover myself, to hide, don’t look. But…I can’t hide. This position won’t allow me any movement. But now, with help from His words, I begin to sink into it. I no longer want to hide, arching my back as best I can with mylimbs teathered, pushing my ass and pussy higher, they’re His to see, enjoy, to do with whatever He chooses.

Flogger strands land, stinging my skin and wetting my pussy simultaneously. Harder they fall. Switching now to leather strap, blows slapping my body, over and over. Im sinking further, deeper. More please, I beg. Sir does not withhold. Back to flogger, everywhere. Ass, back…(OMG, I love it on my back…purrrrrrr) pussy, thighs. Floating. 

I think I hear Him say something about reward. I must have passed. My head is fuzzy. I hear a low hum, as the wand is put in place. I can’t help but ride. I feel Him close, watching me. Light licks, little nips, graze my skin. I hear some words, unsure what they are. Buzzing…my head is, climbing the scale. I can barely move, but my rhythm on the wand only increases, which in turn makes His licks and nips increase, so Im basically riding His face too. I work hard at keeping my brain at bay. The part that tries to slip in and tell me I shouldn’t be enjoying this..but my roaring growing orgasm is stronger, thank god. I let go of those last ridiculous thoughts…they simply float away. Im only His. He wants me. This. Every piece of me, belongs to Him. I dissolve into tiny little fragments as I come…undone. For Him. 

Roll with the punches 

Sometimes the bedroom fun gets a little roudy…and sometimes, someone ends up fallig off the bed. Or, gets an elbow to the face. Which is hilarious. Just ask this couple. Or maybe they’re not laughing. But we’ve had our fair share of incidents, and laughter in the bedroom is a major component of any good sex life! 

Broken spanking implements, twisted arms, cuff burn, leg cramps from hell…just to name a few. The last time rug burns happened, we finally decided we were just too old to be fucking on the floor! Typically riotous laughter ensues. Am I the only unusually clutzy one?

Heres some perfectly scientific data I found…ya know… on the interweb, so it has to be real. 😂 Errrhhm…112 times a year? That’s just not an accurate number. I would venture to guess, I’m not the only one to think that? Ds really ramped things up for us. 

Top 10 injuries. Yeah…allllll of that. 

Top 10 most dangerous spots:

Personally, we’ve never tried #7, #9 (omg, who is having sex on the toilet? Thats a hard no.)or #10. 

Number 2 on that list….the stairs, mmmmm. There was no injury there…I just like thinking about it. Empty house. Arms cuffed above my head. He had me stand on a stool for easier access to all His favorite bits. Licking and touching and spanks. Fingers, toys…and coming…all over the floor. Such a messy girl. Uhh…where was I? Ohhhh, sex injuries….

The shower is probably the most dangerous for us. All that extra slipperyness+horny, clumsy me=someone’s falling…and we aren’t THAT old yet. The bathroom counter, however, is perfectly acceptable! I mean, I wouldn’t say no to shower sex, but I’m desperately waiting for the remodeled shower with dual heads and body sprayers(because a girl likes to be warm, yo) and a bench! Also…please tell me, how does one combat the water…during, ya know, the deed…sometimes that creates more friction than is comfortable? Anyone? Ideas?

I’ll take the injuries and laughter, after all, whats life without risk! We do enjoy things a bit rougher, and with that comes the possibility for, some hilarious fucking moments! I wouldn’t want it any other way. Would you?

Happy fucking weekend! 😈

With both feet…

…Im jumping in. The deep end…its my favorite apparently. Jumping in headfirst and usually, with abandon. Sometimes that gets me into trouble. Hmpf. Other times its extremely rewarding. We shall see which one it is! 

Im not a big fan of about pages…or introductions. I just like to blab. Or in this case…blog. Or is it blag?😂
Im no expert, and certainly not perfect…in fact farrrrr from it. If a day goes by that I don’t screw something up…Im probaly sleeping or dead. 

We’ve been living a Ds life a few years, so…I have learned some things. A few things. I always have more to learn though.

So anywho…I suppose this is where I’ll write about the things. Sexy things, funny things, melancholy things, life things. Im still working out the kinks…(giggles…the technical kinks, sillies.) And also all the other kinks too;) 

I would say happy Monday, but…well, it’s Monday, and I kind of hate Monday. So, how about…

Peace out!